The Gottman Institute

Bringing Baby Home Workshop

COMING SOON! A research-based and research-tested educational workshop dedicated to improving quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families.

In the BBH Workshop, you and your partner will learn to do the following:

  • Strengthen your friendship
  • Increase intimacy and affection
  • Work through conflict with greater ease
  • Maintain relationship satisfaction
  • Reduce hostility
  • Create positive parent-child interactions
  • Ensure quality involvement for both parents
  • Reduce the incidence or severity of postpartum mood disorders

Not only will this program teach you what to expect during the transition to parenthood, it will also help you do things like:

  • Better understand child development
  • Create co-parenting strategies with your partner
  • Improve the way you and your partner communicate, connect, and compromise
  • Recognize the signs of postpartum mood disorders and gain awareness of treatment options