We use evidence-based treatment methods, meaning they’re scientifically proven to work. Our therapists have training in The Gottman Method, the foremost authority on couples therapy based on years of research. Nicole’s mission and vision for Prologue is based on the systemic teachings from her degree in Marriage & Family Therapy. Our toolboxes are full of concrete, actionable ways to help you improve communication, ease resentment, and rekindle your friendship and romance.

Gottman Relationship Checkup

For an additional $39 per couple, Prologue is licensed to administer the Gottman Relationship Checkup, a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and challenges as a couple. True to Gottman form, it’s research-driven, HIPAA-compliant, and consists of over 300 questions in five categories. Based on your answers, we can create a personalized treatment plan to resuscitate your relationship.

Gottman Approved Member

Couples Therapy FAQ

We often liken relationships to baby mobiles. All the bobbles are separate from each other, but they’re also connected. If you tap one, the others move too. When you attend therapy, even on your own, you’re shaking up your own little bobble, and the others on your mobile will have to move to account for you.

Couples therapy does make the assumption that the two partners are both motivated to stay together (and that it’s safe to do so). If you’re not sure you want to stay, Discernment Counseling may be a better fit. DC is a specific process aimed at helping you make the decision of whether to stay or go. If you decide to stay, we switch over to this traditional couples counseling. If you decide to move toward separation or divorce, we can help you work through the emotions of that as well.

Therapy will NOT create problems. This is a common misconception born from therapy’s tendency to bring to light problems lurking under the surface.
For example, if a couple talks about their parenting beliefs for the first time in the therapy room and conflict arises, it may feel like therapy itself made that happen. However, the other option is allowing that conflict to remain undetected until there are real, live children in the mix. It’s never easy to talk about the things that hurt, but it’s better to know what challenges you and your partner are up against.

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