Walk and Talk therapy, sometimes referred to as walking therapy, takes traditional sessions outside. It incorporates mindfulness and light exercise into our usual work, and clients and therapists alike have seen major benefits. At Prologue, we know how important it is to meet you where you are, and sometimes that’s not the office.

Many people say it’s easier to talk to someone about difficult things when they’re walking side-by-side rather than sitting face-to-face. Others say that since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve spent more time cooped up in their homes, so they enjoy the extra time outdoors. The shared ownership of outdoor spaces can also be more approachable for some than a therapist’s office.

“Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt

This service is currently only available for individual clients, and it must be discussed beforehand if walk and talk is a good fit based on your current health status, needs for therapy, and other factors.

Walk and Talk Therapy FAQ

Definitely not. Our walks will be at a leisurely pace; not enough to get sweaty or elevate your heart rate. Still, due to the nature of, well, nature, we do recommend comfortable walking shoes for uneven terrain, wet grass, bugs, etc.

On rainy, freezing, or otherwise unpleasant days, we can always meet in the office or online.

This is something we could discuss before we begin, as different clients have different comfort levels in this situation.

Walk and talk sessions usually take place at Lenape Park in Raritan, NJ. Other arrangements nearby can certainly be discussed.

Ready to hit the great outdoors?

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